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CALCIUM PYRUVATE, 180 capsules, 500 mg
CALCIUM PYRUVATE, 180 capsules, 500 mg
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CALCIUM PYRUVATE, 180 capsules, 500 mg

You'll lose fat but not muscles!

Take 6 Daily for Optimum Fat Burning

THIS IS THE WEIGHT LOSS AIDE USED AND RECOMMENDED BY KIDD KRADDICK LIVE . It has worked amazingly well for Kidd and can for you, too. By the way, Kidd's recommendations were neither solicited or paid by Supplementspot. We appreciate his referal, and we want to emphatically state his endorsement of calcium pyruvate and suggestion to buy it from Supplementspot were entirely his own, which is the best form of "advertising" one could ever receive. We are fully stocked with pyruvate and promise same day shipping to all our customers.

CALCIUM PYRUVATE helps you lose weight while dieting and more importantly, you lose fat, not muscle. Helps put an end to yo-yo dieting.

Pyruvate Is an Essential Component in Energy Production

As I researched the effects of pyruvate on obesity, endurance and improved insulin action, I was amazed that the benefits of this familiar substance could still be so unknown.

As every medical student learns, pyruvic acid is one of the end products of glucose metabolism. Ultimately, the energy from glucose, as well as fat and virtually all processes that require energy. You produce about 90 grams of ATP per day, and it is both the spark plug and the gasoline that run your system.

Research has demonstrated recently that supplementing the diet with pyruvate not only speeds up the production of energy, but also increases the body's use of it, setting the body's "idle" at a higher level.

Supplemental Pyruvate Facilitates Weight Loss...

Let's look at why we're obese. First, people with a weight problem generally have a low "idle" level -- a metabolism that is slower than normal. Second, they have decreased utilization of fat as an essential source of energy. Third, they have a high degree of "food efficiency," meaning that they store the energy in food much more efficiently than those who are not obese, but they burn it at a slower rate. When pyruvate is given to animals as part of their diet, it reverses all three of these metabolic conditions, and they lose weight.

Ronald T. Stanko, M.D., at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, conducted a study involving 14 obese women (average weight 256 pounds), who were fed a 1,000-calorie liquid diet for three weeks. Half of the women were also given 36 grams of pyruvate daily. Those taking pyruvate lost 37% more weight (13 versus 9.5 pounds) and 48% more fat (8.8 versus 5.9 pounds) than the control group.

...And Increases Muscle Mass

This last finding has enormous importance for weight loss. Just about everyone who has tried to lose weight is familiar with the "yo-yo" syndrome: You lose weight, regain it and more, lose again, regain, and so on, and each time weight loss gets harder and harder. most diets simply involve calorie restriction, without exercise. You do lose weight, but you lose fat and muscle, so your overall metabolic rate slows down. With supplemental pyruvate, however, muscle mass is not lost -- in some cases it is even increased -- and metabolism remains active, making weight maintenance easier.

Pyruvate Helps Regulate Your Body's Metabolism

Pyruvate also facilitates weight loss by regulating two groups of hormones that are intimately involved in metabolism. One is the thyroid hormones, which play a major role in metabolism. Low levels of thyroid hormones are common among overweight people and, in fact, are one of the first things I check in my obese patients. (See the May 1997 and June 1995 issues of Health & Healing for more on thyroid.) In animal studies, pyruvate raised thyroid hormone levels by as much as 14%.

The other hormone involved is insulin. As I have mentioned many times in this newletter, insulin is a nutrtional storage hormone, and resistance or insensitivity to insulin is associated with diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and elevated blood fats. When insulin sensitivity is increased and insulin levels fall, people begin to lose weight, blood fat levels fall, and exercise endurance increases. Insulin levels in pyruvate-fed animals fall significantly, and pyruvate actually improves blood sugar control in non-insulin dependent diabetics.

Physical Endurance Is Also Increased

Pyruvate has other benefits, as well, as shown by a study conducted by Dr. Stanko involving 10 active male university students who exercised to exhaustion on an arm ergometer (an exercise machine like a bicycle that you pedal with your arms). For seven days they were given pyruvate or a placebo, and when they were retested, those taking pyruvate had a 20% increase in endurance. Other exercise studies reported a significant decrease in perceived exertion.


Who should take pyruvate? Serious athletes will certainly benefit from its ability to enhance energy, performance and muscle mass. In addition, if you are serious about weight loss and have had difficulty losing weight in the past - and you are willing to embrace a complete program of a healthy diet and adequate exercise - then pyruvate may be your ticket to success where you have failed in the past.

Fruits and Vegetables are high in natural pyruvate. An apple, for example, contains about 450 mg. Add this to the already substantial list of benefits of fruits and vegetables, and you have one more reason for increasing your servings of these foods, which are part of the Whitaker program.

Pyruvate is available as a supplement. The daily dose I would recommend is 3 to 4 g (under 120 pounds body weight), 4 to 5 g (120 to 165 pounds), and 5 to 6 g (over 165 pounds), taken three or four times a day, with meals. Like all orthomolecular therapies, pyruvate is exceptionally safe, although some gastrointestinal upset was noted in studies using very high doses (30+ g).


Serving Size :
Ingredient Quantity Measure RDA *
Calcium Citrate 750 mg
Boron 500 mcg
Vitamin D 50 I.U.
Calcium Pyruvate 3000 mg not established
Calcium 468 mg 47%

* RDA means the Recommended Daily Allowance established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This is the minimum daily amounts of specific essential nutrients necessary for healthy adults 18 year of age. Requirements increase with age and the RDA may be insufficient for older adults or those with poor health

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